Blunt Force Trauma, nytt prosjekt

av yngve

Med medlemmer fra Befouled, Ragnarok og Master.

Henning, trommeslager fra Befouled, sendte over tipse. Og i trioen finner vi i tillegg Bolverk fra Ragnarok/Under The Oak og Paul Speckman fra Master på bass og vokal. Det er Wormhole Death som er samarbeidspartner, og ep-en Beard Out Of Hell smaker du på under her. Det er snakk om to låter, tittelkuttet og en cover av Bowies 'Ziggy Stardust'.

Bandet blander svart og død, eller death'n roll som de kaller det. 

Bolverk: "The story of this song begins back in 2015. I have been a Master fan since the beginning and they are still one of those bands delivering something real, true and honest every time they release an album or play a show. In 2015 we were on tour with Master with Images of Twilight, and one evening we had a slight encounter with Dr. Daniels. I said to Paul, you need a song called Beard Out of Hell. He answered in his growling tone of voice, ...yeah, yeah…you write it, I sing it

This could have ended here as so many other inspired ideas that turn up on the road, but the chorus came to me there and then, and about a year later the song was finished. An old friend of mine, Henning (Befouled) did the drums and the mix and Paul did the vocals from abroad. It’s dirty, mean and far from perfect, but it’s the truth…we all have beards out of hell (he, he…yeah, that was a bad one)."

Blunt Force Trauma 19