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Picture Ann er optimistiske

av yngve

Dansk/norske Picture Ann er ute med ny lowfi-dark, ambient musikk.

"The brand-new output by the musically devious post-rockers Picture Ann has just arrived digitally and sees the Danish/Norwegian act conjuring up thick waves of dark ambient and drone music that explore the disruptive power of loss.

Thematically speaking, the three compositions that constitute Blind Optimism - Bleak Prophecy all revolve around the postmodernist claim that the past is subject to reinterpretation in light of the present and where that leaves us. Why do we insist on inhabiting metaphorical landscapes of estrangement while desperately trying to uncover transcendent timeless meaning in a wild and uncontrollable world when own troubled memories are anything but reliable?"


  1. Blind Optimism
  2. Bleak Prophecy
  3. Nothing Comes Next

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