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Seigmen, reissuer

av yngve

Karisma Records slipper bandets fem første skiver på lp og cd.

Bandet var svære på 90-tallet. og holder godt stand i dag også. Nå er det snart duket for lansering av de fem første og klassiske skivene på lp, og nytrykk på cd. 27. mars er datoen du skal notere.

  • Pluto is the first release from legendary Norwegian rock band Seigmen The five tracks are heavy, repetative and melancholic, with brooding and sinister lyrics.
  • Ameneon  is the second album from legendary Norwegian rock band Seigmen Originally released in 1993, this was lightyears away from what most Norwegian rock bands were doing. The band themselves called their music Massive Plutonic Gothcore, a description that still seems fitting for this album.
  • Total was a landmark for all of Norwegian rock. Produced by the legendary Sylvia Massy, the album is a sonic masterpiece – with a super clear and rock steady rhythm section, highlighting the signature sounds of bass player Kim Ljung and drummer Noralf Ronthi – inspired by Massy’s previous work on Tool’s Undertow album.
  • Metropolis was the breakthrough album from Seigmen - Norway’s biggest rock band in the 90s. Seigmen’s role as Norway’s biggest and best live band. 
  • Radiowaves was the last album from legendary Norwegian rock band Seigmen in their first lifetime - before disbanding in 1999 and reuniting 6 years later. It was a very controversial album at the time, due a distinct change in both the band’s image and sound – and English lyrics!"


Seigmen@Tons Of Rock 2015, fotograf: Jørgen Freim

 Dsc0328 Seigmen, Tons Of Rock 2015