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Municipal Waste blir miljøvennlige...

av yngve

Bandet kom med animert video for et par uker siden.


Nyhet fra 16.06.22:

Skive kommer 1. juli, smak her:

"High Speed Steel is our ode to an era when heavy metal was transitioning into a faster form. We pushed the limits of our sound to channel that classic dynamic and keep the intensity high. It’s about overcoming the pressure and slicing down the odds when everything is stacked against you."

Og bandet turnerer med Anthrax i oktober, men så langt jeg kan se hoppes det glatt bukk over Norge. Men om du reiser til Sverige eller Danmark er det jo mulighet:

  • Oct 17 - Copenhagen, DK - Vega Main Hall
  • Oct 18 - Göteborg, SE - Restaurang Trägårn
  • Oct 19 - Stockholm, SE - Annexet


Nyhet fra 10.05.22:

Municipal 22

De begynner med å elektrifisere hjernen. 

'Electrified Brain' kommer 1. juli via Nuclear Blast. Singelen 'Grave Dive' sjekker du ut under her.

Municipal Waste@www

"Electrified Brain marks Municipal Waste's first album in 5 years, following the release of their critically exalted 2017 record Slime and Punishment. And don't think they've slowed down in the years since. We’re not writing any love ballads to sell records, affirms vocalist Tony Foresta. We’re just doing what we’ve always done since the band started—and that’s try to write loud, fast, and ripping hardcorepunkmetal. We hope you walk away with some bloody ears, blown speakers, pissed off parents, black eyes, and a healthy distrust of authority."


  1. Electrified Brain
  2. Demoralizer
  3. Last Crawl
  4. Grave Dive
  5. The Bite
  6. High Speed Steel
  7. Thermonuclear Protection
  8. Blood Vessel - Boat Jail
  9. Crank The Heat
  10. Restless and Wicked
  11. Ten Cent Beer Night
  12. Barreled Rage
  13. Putting On Errors
  14. Paranormal Janitor