Grand Magus, ulven kommer... (ny video)

av yngve

Ny video fra bandets nye skive:


Nyhet fra 29.04.19:

Da har bandet vært ute med nytt album en ukes tid.

Under her kan du sjekke ut om det er noe for deg.


Nyhet fra 27.03.19:

Det nærmer seg skiveslipp for svenskene. 

Du hører første singel her, tittelkuttet, Wolf God:

Slipp er 19. april via Nuclear Blast. 

"Wolf God rises over the Heavy Metal scene majestically and lets the guitar riffs speak for themselves. The groove and heaviness that were featured on the successful predecessor can also be found on the new, ninth studio album which once again holds a number of future classics.

The stunning new cover artwork was created by acclaimed artist Anthony Roberts."

Grand Magus 19


Nyhet fra 10.11.18:

Det foreligger ikke så mye info, annet enn en uttalelse og en teaser, men det kommer garantert mer etterhvert som det nærmer seg.

Det kommende albumet, som følger opp 'Sword Songs' fra 2016, er under konstruksjon nå. "The band have already ensconced themselves at Sweetspot Studio in Sweden to kick off the recordings with producer Staffan Karlsson (Arch Enemy m.fl.)."

Vokalist/gitarist JB: "The Magus is back in the studio to record the ninth album. It’s been a very special process this time. We decided to let go of the current philosophy to record drums first and then bass and then guitar etc. This time we met up, jammed and created together during the last six months with the goal to record basic tracks live. That basically means the thing we do everytime we play live. When we do that, we play together. It’s music after all, not a science project. This led us to use the studio you see in the video. We recorded take by take (usually first takes, haha) until the groove, feel and violence was right. Now we will start with the overdubs, solos and vocals. We are chuffed and we think you will be too. Metal victory!"

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Grand Magus 18