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Code Orange, nytt album

av yngve

'Underneath' er tittelen, release er 13. mars. 

Det er Erling@Warner som tipser, og som la igjen litt info. 

Code Orange@www

"Underneath is about facing the duality in ourselves as individuals and as a society in an overcrowded, overexposed, all-consuming digital nirvana. Everyone has a voice and no one’s seems to matter… plummet down the rabbit hole of your deepest fears, anxieties and regrets to confront the monster that has been building underneath. down.we.go."

"Underneath finds Code Orange once again confounding expectations, piling element on element, and towering towards the sky.  Rattling drum loops give way to bursts of rage as Underneath transforms into something colossal, daring, and resilient, setting the tone for one of the year’s most exhilarating heavy records."

Code Orange 20