Barren Earth, studioklare

av yngve

UnnamedFinnene gjør seg klare til å lage skive.

Det er oppfølgeren til 'On Lonely Towers' som skal bankes ned på tape, og bandet lover mer mørke.

Bandbilde, fotograf: Ukjent

Vokalist Jón: "We are working towards a darker and more aggressive feel, which we attempt to express both experimentally and with a good dose of blunt force!"

Bassist Oppu slenger seg på: "The melodic and melancholic side is naturally still there, but spiced with a touch of anger and groove. I’m also looking forward of working with Victor, since we all appreciate his previous work. It also is the first time Barren Earth works with a proper producer, and are very excited about the idea of bringing somebody else into the mix and seeing where that takes us.""

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