Aeon Zen, nytt album

av yngve

Det progressive metalbandet kommer med skive i mai.

Det er bassist Rich som tipser, som også er livebassist for Annihilator. Han forteller at skiva, 'Inveritas', kommer i handel 10. mai (Richard Hinks Music).

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"Aeon Zen is a band that is defined by the contrast of opposing musical ideas and creativity. Merging modern metal with complex song structures and a broad range of styles, Inveritas contains just as many hooks as it is complex, with songwriting always being at the forefront. The album explores diverse lyrical themes ranging from domestic violence to video games, but brings them together to create a cohesive yet stimulating album."


  1. Rebel Theory
  2. The First And Only Line
  3. Another Piece That Fits
  4. The Last Alive
  5. The Treachery of Images
  6. Disconnected
  7. The World Without Sky
  8. Inveritas - Featuring Vadim Pruzhanov (Dragonforce)

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