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Blackslash, stål er framtiden

av yngve

Blackslash 22

Tyskerne er snart klare med sitt nye album, 'No Steel No Future'.  Pure Steel tipser, Iron Shield slipper albumet 11. mars.


Jeg husker godt jeg likte albumet 'Lightning Strikes', du leser anmeldelsen HER .

"They play the music your parents used to listen to! Old-School-Heavy-Metal, that’s what the five guys around bass player Alec Trojan stand for. And by playing neckbreaking concerts they give evidence to that. At this a galloping bass reminds you on Iron Maiden; two-part guitars let you travel time into the golden era of Thin Lizzy, while the melodious singing of front man Clemens Haas takes control over your mind.

A faithful and steadily growing fan crowd is astonished every concert by the ease Christian Haas is stroking the strings with, to push his amps to the limit supported by a second guitar Daniel Hölderle. Meanwhile David Hofmeier tortures his drums to end up in a climax of dynamic and speed."


  1. Queen Of The Night
  2. Midnight Fire
  3. The Power
  4. Under The Spell
  5. No Steel No Future
  6. Hammertime
  7. Gladiators Of Rock
  8. One For The Road
  9. Bombers
  10. Demons Of Life