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Picture Ann, valgets kvaler

av yngve

Picture Ann 21

Lo-fi/experimental doom, ny låt fra J.N.

"The ugly ensemble known as Picture Ann who mostly dabble in lo-fi ambient music and experimental doom metal released an EP entitled This Vessel Was Never Chosen on December 17, 2021.

Being essentially an odds-and-sods collection of demos and outtakes from the past ten years or so, the purpose of it was primarily to make sure that some of the band’s own favorite tracks were made available to a larger audience via all the digital retailers out there. A couple of exclusive pieces do appear on the cursed output, namely the musical experiment that is Horrid King (only included in the Bandcamp version) and the loose and raw To the Rats and Mold of This World. From the wintry atmosphere of The Clouded Windows of Hell to the mellow and somewhat hypnotic Unison, it will hopefully come across as a varied little gem."