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Judas Priest, bok

av yngve

Popoff Priest 19Martin Popoff er ute med ny bok. Denne gangen er det de engelske hardrockveteranene i Judas Priest som klemmes mellom to permer. Det er  perioden 85 til i dag som er fokus.

Sjekk HER for info.

"In the follow-up to his Judas Priest: Decade of Domination book, which looked at the band’s career from inception through the Defenders of the Faith album of 1984, Martin Popoff now tackles the band’s incendiary hair metal years through to the triumphant return to form that is 2018’s Firepower."

Turbo, Ram It Down, Painkiller, Jugulator, Demolition, Angel of Retribution, Nostradamus, Redeemer of Souls, Firepower… this is the story of nine records all quite different from each other, and all the details an’ tales in between. What results is the story of more than 30 years of Priest history, including the making of 1990’s Painkiller, a record considered by a younger generation of Priest fans to be the greatest slammin’ collection of metal anthems the band ever concocted and rocked."