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Atena, kontrakt

av yngve

Bandet har sikret seg platekontrakt med...

Indie Recordings. Skiva 'Possessed ' kommer 27. oktober.


Atena: "We're extremely grateful and happy to announce that we have signed with Indie Recordings! This label that has pushed out bands most of us have grown up with (Dimmu Borgir, Kvelertak, Satyricon and so much more!). We can't wait to push out more music and work harder than ever to reach out to more people and make more friends!"

Erlend Gjerde, Indie Recordings: "We`re excited to welcome the floor-crushing youngsters in Atena to Indie Recordings. With their extremely heavy sound and sample-heavy aesthetics they add a yet unrepresented flavor to our already diverse roster.
Having ruled the underground in Norway already for some years they are proving ready to step up and make some serious noise."

Atena 2017