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Arch Enemy, ny skive i september

av yngve

Unnamed (4)Du ser coveret til 'Will To Power' her.

Vi loves flere detaljer i løpet av de kommende ukene, i mellomtiden får man kalre seg med informasjonen Century Media delte.

"Arch Enemy are ready to bring their fierce brand of metal to audiences worldwide as they announce details on their upcoming album, Will To Power, out September 8, 2017 via Century Media Records. The band are excited to reveal the album's captivating cover artwork, as shown above, designed by Alex Reisfar."

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Gitarist Amott forteller om coveret: "It was a pleasure working with Alex Reisfar on the Will to Power cover artwork, he immediately grasped the concept and atmosphere we were looking for with this album. We talked about the double edged sword that is human ambition, how it can be outstandingly creative and beautiful but can also be turned into something dark and powerful. 

Alex proceeded to masterfully paint a strong image that evokes a lot of feelings. The human skull as a central focal point, the flesh sort of falling off into the circular pattern. The snake ouroboros weaving in and out of the mouths and throats of the severed heads of a wolf, a goat and a vampire bat... All representing self determination and a predatory, almost parasitic will to power."

Skiva er produsert av Amott og trommeslager Erlandsen, Bogren (Opeth etc.) mikset og mastret. Dette er også albumet som markere Jeff Loomis' (gitar) første studioalbum som medlem.