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Trespassers beware

av yngve

Trespass 23

Nwobhm-bandet Trespass slipper video i dag.


Daggers Drawn er hentet fra et kommende album (Wolf At The Door), som slippes 26 mai via From The Vaults. Takk til Fernando@Mighty Music for tips.

"Daggers Drawn has the urgency of a band hunger for more - even though Trespass has been active, one way or the other, for the last four decades - with a strong, pounding rhythm section and the twin guitars that are the signature of the group."

"Daggers Drawn definitely shows my Thin Lizzy influence forteller gitarist og founding member guitarist Mark Sutcliffe. "It's about man's inhumanity to man and the never-ending ways we have found to destroy each other. And the tragic tendency to pass that inbred hate and intolerance onto our children".

Bandet, som var med i den tidlige fasen av Nwobhm-bølgen, har gitt meg mye glede, og de originale singlene står fortsatt i hylla, og er blant favorittene fra epoken. Etter et par singler og en ep kom de sammen etter en tid, i 1993, og slapp debutskiva. 

"Trespass was back in full action and in 1993 the band finally released their long-awaited debut album Head, helping keep the NWOBHM flame alive in a dark decade for traditional metal. The second album, self-titled, surfaced in 2015, and the group didn't need another decade for a follow-up, with Footprints In The Rock, being released three years after, with reactions, confirming that Trespass music is still enjoyed by rock and metal fans all over the world."