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Tony Mills, nytt album

av yngve

Tony står over loven.

Det er australske Battlegod Productions som står bak slippet av albumet 'Beyond The Law'. Releasedato er imorgen, 21. juni.

"Tony releases his latest solo album with a clear understanding that it is to be his final written work as an artist, after a career as a major recording artist since being signed to RCA Music in 1985. 

Beyond The Law is a hard edged and hooky rock album with an angle on prohibition and the gangland mobs of the 1930’s to the westside youth culture of the 1960’s and a theme portrayed by his vocals and his preferred musicians in current times. 

Co-written with Tommy Denander (Alice Cooper), Peter Newdeck (Midnite City) and Patrick McKenna (Shy), the album is a hard 44 minute blast of Mills final vocal performances, before hanging up his microphone after 40 years as a rock singer.


  1. The Westside
  2. Beyond The Law 
  3. Running Guns 
  4. F.B.I. 
  5. Black Sedan
  6. We Sold Your City 
  7. Crackin' Foxy 
  8. Bonnie's Farewell 
  9. Code Of Silence 
  10. Gunfire 
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