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Timechild, videopremiere

av yngve

Ny låt fra danskenes kommende skive.

'Call Of The Petrichor' er en ny smakebit fra bandets kommende skive. Albumet dukker opp 1. september. Takk til Fernando@Mighty Music for tips.

"The song is about seeking a more natural and primal existence. But slowly realizing that the faint echoes of a lost past might also bring back suffering you thought was long gone".


Nyhet fra 26.05.23:

"Buried in Autumn is the second single and official video from Timechild's upcoming sophomore album Blossom & Plague. The song shows the band from a darker and more personal side than on previous releases and is written about the members' own experiences of saying goodbye to both their own addictions and to loved ones who never managed to escape theirs."


Nyhet fra 07.04.23:

Timechild Band 2021

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

Danske prog er i fokus i dag.


Takk til Fernando@Mighty Music for tips, og skive kommer i løpet av året.

"In 2021, Danish heavy prog rock luminaries Timechild entered the scene with a bang, operating an impressive mix of the right influences, raw talent, and an unusual bold personality for a new band.

Now, The Dying Tide Part III is the first single and official from Timechild’s upcoming second album Blossom & Plague. The track, which is the last part of a longer trilogy that will open the album, shows the band from a darker and more progressive side than on previous releases. The sound is heavy and dynamic and the lyrics deal with man's relationship with our nature, which we both exploit, but at the same time are forced to submit to."

Timechild Singel 23