Karmøygeddon 24

Sylvatica, ekstremt og pompøst

av yngve

Lyricvideopremiere på ny låt fra danskene.

Tipset kom fra Fernando@Mighty Music. Les mer i eldre nyhet under.

"In the Eyes of God is a captivating melodic death metal/folk metal composition that takes listeners on a sonic journey. The song's atmosphere is reminiscent of a thrilling freefall, creating a sense of exhilaration and wonder. Lyrically inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, the song delves into the nine spheres of heaven. In the Eyes of God showcases a powerful blend of melody, speed and heaviness, creating a memorable and engaging musical piece."


Nyhet fra 11.08.23:

Sylvatica Album 23

Folkish, orkestralt og pompøst ekstremmetal fra våre naboer.


For fans av Wintersun, Borknagar og Arcturus får vi oppløyst fra presseskrivet som Fernando@Mighty Music sendte over. 'Cadaver Synod' er albumet, det kommer 20. oktober via Mighty Music, under sjekker du ut singelen 'Titivillus'. 

"The first single from the Danish band's upcoming album. A heavy sound and a powerful breakdown, in a song that immerses the listener in a medieval atmosphere and transports him/her to a turbulent era.  Titivillus  is a heavy composition that blends orchestral backing with  prominent brass stabs, creating a folkish and trollish atmosphere. It narrates the story of a  rebellious monk who defies societal norms, attributing his actions to the presence of the  enigmatic demon, Titivillus.

With a heavy sound and a powerful breakdown, the song immerses listeners in a medieval ambiance, transporting them to a turbulent era. Titivillus captures the essence of defiance and delivers an intense musical experience that merges folk elements with the aggression of metal."

Bilde, fotograf: Sebastian Strange

Sylvatica Foto  Sebastian Strange