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Scar Symmetry, singel ute, skive kommer

av yngve

Image003Svenske Scar Symmetry er ute med singel og kommer snart med skive.

3. oktober kommer bandets oppfølger til 2001-slippet 'The Unseen Empire'; 'The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity)'. Nuclear Blast har logoen sin på skiva.

Singelen jeg nevnte er 'Limits To Infinity', den ser du lyricvideo til litt lengre ned i artikkelen.

Per Nilsson: "I thought to myself... am I allowed to fuse death metal with AOR, and go extreme in both directions? I didn't ask for permission, I just went and did it, and I'm pretty excited to hear what people are gonna think about it."

Henrik Ohlsson: "Limits to Infinity unveils the malevolent plan of the elite, the hidden hand, and their discoveries regarding the secrets of the universe. The lyric elaborates on the decision makers' long-term plan to merge with machines and colonize other planets."

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  1. The Shape Of Things To Come 
  2. Neohuman 
  3. Limits To Infinity 
  4. Cryonic Harvest 
  5. The Spiral Timeshift 
  6. Children Of The Integrated Circuit 
  7. Neuromancers 
  8. Technocalyptic Cybergeddon