Karmøygeddon 24

Korrupt, singel

av yngve

Tredje singel fra et kommende album.

'Intuition' er skiva, den kommer på Fysisk Format 20. oktober. Her er 'Preachers and Creatures':

Vokalist Marius om singelen: "Intuition is one of those song where, after i wrote it, i kinda just took a step back and was like: wtf, where did that come from? Thats some good ass lyrics right there. I do regret, tho, some of the choice of words here and there, and i do feel like i could have written it a bit smarter. Now it feels more like a outburst than anything else. Nevertheless, its a song i really deeply enjoy reading the lyrics to, cause it takes me back to the state of mind i was in when i wrote it."

Lp-versjon blir å få tak i.


Korrupt 2017