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Justify Rebellion, ny singel (video)

av yngve

Ny video fra de danske groovethrasherne.

Skive kommer 27. mars,The Ends Justify The Means, Mighty Music slipper, det er Fernando derfra som tipser.


Nyhet fra 31.01.20:

Dansk heavy/thrash.

Låten er Prisoner In Time, som er hentet fra bandets nye skive, The End Justify The Means (Mighty Music, mars 2020). Takk til Fernando@Mighty Music for tips.

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"The riffs are heavier, the solos are faster, the drums are punchier, and the bass is  rumbling its way to mayhem. Never has Justify Rebellion felt so strong and powerful!  With this masterpiece of a track list, nothing can take these guys down. Justify Rebellion has turned up the pace, but also made room for some thunderous and  slower anthems for fans to break their necks to."

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

Justify Rebellion 2020