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Dead Flesh, dyster kost

av yngve

Britene er ute med ep, sjekk smakebiter under her.

Takk til Tom Brumpton@Polymath for tips.

bandet om låten Swallowing Nails: "Swallowing Nails is a sort of a reflection to some of the reactions myself (and people I've spoken to over the years) have had when talking to others about depression. Specifically with regards to being medicated, which is where the title Swallowing Nails comes from. The EP title Dehumanise also came from this track, having often felt like like my brain is being numbed, I've sometimes questioned if I've lost a sense of humanity."


Nyhet fra 30.03.24:

Dead Flesh 24

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

Britisk deathcore, her er det mye energi!

Dead Flesh@Facebook

Det tok ikke så lang tid før jeg var med i allsangen på refrenget, 'Bodies Upon Bodies', en låt som er en "......protest song, a direct f*** you to the people who are currently in charge of running this country, their complacency towards the climate crisis and their attempts to weaponize protesting."

Det er Tom Brumpton@Polymath som tipser og deler, og det engelske bandet kommer med EP-en 'Dehumanise' om ikke så lenge, release er 29. april.

" Dehumanise is a personal dive into misery, depression, and the state of the world  in its current form. Dead Flesh bring five tracks of brutality that give a stark  representation of personal struggle."