Widows, Uk-stoner

av yngve

Widows 19Bandet er ute med ep.

Det er promotør Tom Brumpton som tipser Heavymetal.no om dette.

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

'Ten’Yer' er tittelen, to låter er innholdet, og denne markerer bandets signering med selskapet APF Records.



  1. P.S. Worry
  2. Hammer and Nail

"Hard Rock/Stoner/sludge quartet Widows are a pulverizing juggernaut of deadly riffage drenched with impressions of Entombed, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Down, and EyeHateGod."

Bandet om slippet: "After a relatively quiet 2018, we’re glad to be back with these new tracks and excited to get  them in your faces live! We are also stoked to be finally working with APF Records on the  release too, the label has done a lot for the scene since it started up and we’re really happy  we’re now a part of that.  Ten’Yer is a bit of a progression on what we did with Oh Deer God and expands on the  nastiness on that record. There’s still that same vibe there but the focus was on trying to  make it darker and more aggressive than ODG on all fronts."

Widows 19