Rome, mørk folkrock

av yngve

Rome 19Dark Folk Act er forklaringen jeg fikk på stil. Samt "...Luxembourg based folk noir outfit."

Bandets siste utgivelse bærer navnet 'Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro' og kom via Trisol Music Group GmbH tidligere i år.


"Considered one of the most important figures in the neofolk genre, Luxembourg’s Rome have spent the last thirteen years exploring and pushing their musical boundaries. The music unites American folklore with Chanson and the angst-ridden tristesse of English Post Punk – Chanson Noir, as leading man and sole permanent member Jerome Reuter, once called it. Looming above all this is his distinctive, deep voice. A voice you want to believe knows all about man's true nature and purpose."

"We are left breathless. The city is alight in flames, delighting our eye in the beauty of its ruin. Uropia O Morte!"


  1. Sacra entrata
  2. A New Unfolding 
  3. Who Only Europe Know 
  4. The West Knows Best
  5. Feindberührung 
  6. Fliegen wie Vögel 
  7. One Lion's Roar
  8. Black Crane 
  9. La fin d'un monde 
  10. The Legion of Rome 
  11. Uropia O Morte 
  12. Desinvolture