Rk Rockedame Heavymetal 580x80

Picture Ann, nytt album ute digitalt

av yngve

Danskene i Picture Ann og 'The Darkness Had Texture' melder sin ankomst. Du kan høre skiva her.

"The album contains 5 haunting and strangely unsettling songs of a lo-fi nature that will flush your day right down the toilet. All 5 songs were composed and recorded solely by J.N. throughout 2014."


  1. You Paint Your Chains
  2. The Darkness Had Texture
  3. I Want This Room in Pieces
  4. Closed off Entirely (The Segue)
  5. You Use the Word Like a Curse

"Picture Ann was conceived in 2009 by J.N. and is primarily inspired by raw black metal, lo-fi ambient music, and awful horror movie soundtracks. Consider it a thorough exploration of the ills of modern society!"

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