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Obscura, nytt album (video)

av yngve

Tredje låt/video fra det kommende albumet er online.


Nyhet fra 16.09.21:

Obscura 21

Skive kommer i november.

Nuclear Blast står bak slippet og tipset. Tittelen på albumet er 'A Valediction', dato for release er 19. november.


Steffen Kummerer/Obscura: "The title track combines past and future to the present. With a combination of virtuosity, catchiness and clear arrangements, A Valediction unfolds a bittersweet, fragile temper and sums up the lyrical framework of the entire album. A worthy title track and characterful summit of upcoming concerts."

Formatene du kan gasse deg i er:

  • Digipak
  • Digipak incl. patch + signing card (NB mailorder exclusive)
  • Jewelcase (USA)
2LP, 180g, with etching on D-side in the following colours:
  • black
  • silver (wholesale + NB mailorder)
  • gold (NB mailorder, limited to 300)
  • bronze (bandshop, limited to 200)
  • white with red + toffee splatter (bandshop, limited to 300)
  • yellow + orange cloudy (USA)
  • transparent red + black marbled (Decibel, limited to 200)


  1. Forsaken
  2. Solaris
  3. A Valediction
  4. When Stars Collide (feat. Björn 'Speed' Strid)
  5. In Unity
  6. Devoured Usurper
  7. The Beyond
  8. Orbital Elements II
  9. The Neuromancer
  10. In Adversity
  11. Heritage