Malevolent Creation, skive

av yngve

Malevolent 19Amerikanerne er ute med skive, smakebiter her.

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"The 13th Beast is the first album since the passing of original vocalist Bret Hoffman, who died from colon cancer last year. 

The record marks the recording debut of Wollenschlager (Throne of Nails, Imperial Empire), as well as new bassist Josh Gibbs and new drummer Phil Cancilla."

Originalmedlem Phil Fasciana: "I'm very proud of this album and look forward to presenting it live alongside songs from our massive back catalog, including stuff that hasn't been played live in a long time or ever."


  1. End The Torture
  2. Mandatory Butchery
  3. Agony For The Chosen
  4. Canvas Of Salvation
  5. Born Of Pain
  6. The Beast Awakened
  7. Decimated
  8. Bleed Us Free
  9. Knife At Hand
  10. Trapped Inside
  11. Release The Soul