Karmøygeddon 23 B

Leprous arbeider med nytt album

av yngve

Artworks 000047552993 K64aa4 T200x200Inside Out sendte inn en piece hvor Einar forteller litt rundt det kommende albumet, oppfølgeren til 'Coal'.

"It's been a very intense spring, where we've had the goal to write two song sketches every week. The purpose was that we did not want to spend lots of time perfecting ideas that were never that good in the first place, thus being able to choose between the ones with the most potential before starting making proper songs out of it. The way we work now allows us to maximize the potential instead of spending lots of time trying to save a poor sketch.

In May we had 30 sketches, and after a lot of talk back and forth we've selected approximately half of them for further development. I still don't know how many songs we will end up with on the final album, but now we will have the luxury of putting together the perfect combination.

I have been twisting and turning my creativity to the point of the extremely tiring, but you can't sit there and wait for the inspiration to magically fall into your lap. Some of the best sketches were written when I least expected to be creative, which is a good proof that you just have to keep on writing no matter what. I'm very happy about those months with hard work now."



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