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InTheosis, forenet med ny singel

av yngve

In Theosis 24

Peter kjenner vi godt fra Extol, nå er han på egne eventyr. Eller, eventyret deler han med australske Jon Reichardt.

"Despite living on opposite sides of the globe, the two have more in common than most.  Both are third culture kids having faced years of complex trauma respectively.  Both experienced music as tormenter and healer.  Both are learning how to live with the scars of the past, hoping to create meaning and solidarity from suffering.

InTheosis is the musical representation of this journey as the two find solace in the ancient and sacred, but also the dissonant and jaded. Everything will be made beautiful in its time. 

A whirlwind of abrasive, down-tuned riffage and metric modulation colliding with the haunting, soaring vocals of Espevoll, their debut single - Mysteria - reflects the ongoing struggle for peace within the storms of life."


Peter sendte over link til sin nye singel på Spotify, den finner du HER , men som vanlig får ikke jeg sjekket ut den plattformen og hiver med et alternativ: