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Guardian Of Lightning, thundermetal

av yngve

De kalles pionerer, brasilianske Guardian Of Lightning.

Ikke bandet vil jeg tro, for det startet i 2018, men folka har visst godt med fartstid. Det dreier seg om en tungrockform med litt doom, litt psych, litt stoner...

"Guardian of Lightning is the herald of a new wave of metal, known as thunder metal. Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil the three-piece band featuring lead bassist Iron King, his father Marco Fino on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Lord Drum on the drums. The band’s unique sound known as 'thunder metal' is a fresh take on the metal genre, replacing the typical lead guitar role with that of an ultra-heavy thundering electric bass.

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  1. Intro
  2. Cosmos Tree
  3. Raise Your Sword
  4. Sound of Thunder
  5. Aligned with The Stars
  6. Follow Your Silver Shine
  7. Inside of Us
  8. Another Place
  9. Lament of Thundering

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