Et nevrotisk maskineri....

av yngve

Neurotic Machinery 22

Teknisk dødsmetal fra tsjekkiske Neurotic Machinery.

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Ales tipser på vegne av bandet, og forteller at albumet 'A Loathsome Abberation', som er dere sjette fullengder, kommer til sommeren via Bizarre Leprous Prod.

"The result is a combo of  traditionally genre-specific ingredients and modern approach alongside a focus on  technicalities of play. A keen ear will miss neither elements of black metal, nor some well  hidden post-metal touches. This signature Neurotic vision of death metal is back in full  force, this time as the hardest and darkest release in the band’s history."

Albumet er også et konseptalbum, som omhandler "... one’s  personal demons, inhibitors or obstacles that stop them from becoming their true self.  These loathsome abberations are represented by various outside factors as well as inner  ones, pressure we take for our own, or stereotypes we get trapped in, although we’d wish  for a different path altogether. Everybody has experienced situations in their life that can  be identified as such, and that’s why everybody can project their own stories and  experience into the album’s lyrics."