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Epica, liveskive

av yngve

Bandet slipper livealbum om få dager.

Det er Nuclear Blast som forteller dette, og som slipper skiva 26. oktober. Konserten som er festet på bånd er et samarbeid mellom Epica og Metropole Orkest, og bører tittelen 'Beyond The Matrix - The Battle'.


"In the summer of 2017, with the help from their massive fan base, Epica won a high-profiled competition organized by the Metropole Orkest. First prize was a recording of a song of their choice with the orchestra. In between Epica's heavy touring schedule, the band was able to conjure up a unique, never-before-seen Big Band meets Symphonic Metal rendition of Beyond the Matrix. As a bonus to all voters, runner-up in the competition and friend of the band, Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) contributed a beautiful guest-solo to the song."


Utgivelsen kommer som 10" (limited) og i digital drakt.

Epica 18