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Black Oak County sparer på pusten

av yngve

Black Oak County 23 Foto Rasmus Alenkær

Bilde, fotograf: Rasmus Alenkær

De danske hardrockerne er klar med singel.

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Om låten blir å finne på bandets tredje og kommende album vet jeg ikke, men Mighty Music og Fernando (som tipser), forteller at det jobbes med nytt studioalbum.

"Get ready for even heavier  riffs and catchier melody lines than ever before, as Black Oak County dives into new  musical territory with new sonic elements, whilst sticking to their classic and hard rock  roots."

Bandet: "Save Your Breath is a song that breaches the gap between a dying relationship and frustration. We’ve all been there at some point, where  there’s simply nothing left to say in a relationship, whether it’s professional or personal.  Sometimes, your mind is just made up and the ship has already sailed - we wanted to  channel all that emotion into a kickass song, that stays emotional without being too corny,  but rocking!"