Rk Rockedame Heavymetal 580x80

Aphyxion, skive (smakebiter)

av yngve

Danskene slår bra med sitt nye album, 'Void'. Release var på fredag, 10. mai.

Metallen er hard og maskinell på 'Void', men v i husker at bandet var i en annen gate tidligere, og man leser at det har skjedd en forandring: "As Aphyxion has evolved away from the death metal sound and more over to a metalcore vibe with death metal growls, the focus on the lyrics has shifted as well. Void is the most personal album Aphyxion has ever written. Michael Vahl who writes all the lyrics has been through a rough period, and it’s materialized in these 11 songs that encompass Void."



  1. Fork Tongued
  2. Sleepwalkers
  3. Restless Nights
  4. Crown Of Thorns
  5. Happily Apathetic
  6. A Gap of Sky
  7. Sedate Myself
  8. Pain
  9. No Man Is An Island
  10. Stronger In The End
  11. Void
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