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Unleash The Archers, nytt album

av yngve

Unnamed (1)Bandet slipper med album i juni.

For de som vet hva det dreier seg om, og liker det, er garantert spent på hva kanadierne hoster opp. Selv synes jeg nok dette er litt standard metal som har vært gjort bedre før, men de har sine fans, og de gjør greia bra.

Unleash The Archers@Facebook

At Napalm proklamerer at bandet er heavy metal heroes får stå for selskapets regning, uansett er det ti år siden bandet startet, 2. juni kan du delta i feiringen partene har sydd sammen med skiva 'Apex'. 

Bandet om konseptet på skiva: "We are extremely excited to release another full on concept album; it's just so much fun to play out a story when you're up on stage. This one has a protagonist that we call The Immortal being forced to serve the antagonist, a.k.a. The Matriarch as she embarks down a very dark path to achieve immortality. 

We had a great time writing this record, and I think the cohesiveness of the story has really shone through in the music as well. It has a certain vibe throughout, from beginning to end, and we can't wait to hear what our fans have to say about the direction this album has taken. We don't like to write the same record over and over again and we are very happy with the progression of our sound on Apex. We think it will appeal to  all of our fans old and new; it has the best parts of our past albums combined into one with just a little more spit and polish ;)."

Smak på en låt fra skiva, og hør på hva vokalinne Brittney har av info:

Bandbilde, fotograf: Ukjent