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Fredfullt Graveyard-album

av yngve

Svenskene slipper skive i slutten av mai.

Peace kommer i handel 25. mai via Nuclear Blast, du sjekker ut smakebit her:


Forhåndsbestill HER .

"The Nuclear Blast Mailorder edition will feature the CD as well as a red 7" vinyl containing 2 exclusive and previously unreleased non-album tracks (Headache City & Something Else). Aside of that the album will be available as digipack CD as well as on black, yellow, mint, beige and clear vinyl."


  1. It Ain't Over Yet
  2. Cold Love
  3. See The Day
  4. Please Don't
  5. Del Maniac
  6. The Fox
  7. Walk On
  8. Bird Of Paradise
  9. A Sign Of Peace
  10. Low (I Wouldn't Mind)
Graveyard 18