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Blackfinger, nytt album! (smakebit)

av yngve

Den tidligere Trouble-vokalisten fronter dette.

Ny video, skive ute, flott musikk!


Nyhet fra 12.09.17:

Nå ligger det en låt online, hør her.


Nyhet fra 22.07.17:

Med x-Trouble-vokalist Wagner i spissen :).

Jeg burde naturligvis skrevet The Skull-vokalist Wagner, men de fleste vet ikke at Eric er der - likte du Trouble, liker, er Blackfinger og The Skull pensum.

'When Colors Fade Away' kommer i handel 15. september via M-Theory Audio.

Det er Marco@Cmm som tipser oss om dette, tusen takk!


"Now based in Pittsburgh, PA, Eric has a new Blackfinger lineup including another familiar name in doom circles, guitarist Terry Weston (Dream Death and Penance). M-Theory Audio is pleased to announce a September 15th release date for the album on CD, limited edition colored vinyl and digital."

Du kan forhåndsbestille HER.

Eric om coveret: "Colors were a common theme throughout the first record… I think it was a reference for life, or maybe it was hope… What happens when colors start to fade or you feel like all hope is lost? I think there comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to confront your dark side in order to get to the light. When I saw the photographs of the old abandoned funeral home by Matt Bluejay, I thought it would make the perfect album cover for When Colors Fade Away, and the start of the journey to feel good about oneself again."


Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

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